corature cork tote white background
corature cork tote bag rear
corature cork tote back pocket
corature cork tote bag outside
corature cork tote shoulder bag
corature cork tote beach bag

Corature Cork Tote with Bamboo Logo


Our stylish cork tote has arrived to make your trips out of town or to the grocery store a breeze. Perfect as a beach bag or to carry around the city - This bag will draw compliments all day long. 

  • 16" deep 15" Wide
  • Made from Cork
  • Strong design tested to hold up under heavy load
  • Additional Rear pocket measures 6.4" * 8" (Fits our clutch wristlet)
  • Logo made from Bamboo
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Comes with our 2 year money back guarantee
Did you know that the cork oak tree is the only tree in the world that can have it's bark completely removed without killing it?
Not only does it not kill the tree but a stripped cork oak tree takes in 300-500% more CO2 while it's bark grows back!

A material that we take pride in using
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