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slim cork bifold wallet

Cork Black BiFold Wallet


Slim BiFold Black wallet by Corature


  • LIGHTWEIGHT - So light it floats!
  • DUAL BILL COMPARTMENT easily carry multiple currencies and/or receipts
  • ID compartment and 3 dedicated card slots. Room for additional cards in underneath compartment.
  • Made from sustainable materials. VEGAN no animals used in production
  • Dimensions: 4.3 x 0.2 x 3.5 inches

Slim, lightweight, bifold wallet by corature. Made from cork fabric (vegan leather) this wallet is extremely smooth and soft to the touch. It easily slides into your pocket and takes up no more space than absolutely necessary. It has 3 separate slots to hold all of your credit and debit cards. A clear compartment for your ID card, an additional pocket for anything that you desire, and dual bill compartments for cash / currency. It makes traveling between countries a breeze. This bifold lightweight wallet has everything you need to carry all of your essentials. Our cork is harvested by farmers in Portugal using an eco friendly method that does not harm the trees in anyway. In fact, once cork oak trees are stripped of their bark the trees begin to take in 300 - 500% more CO2 than when kept un-stripped. Using cork helps clean the air that we and all living creatures breath. It is extremely eco-friendly and sustainable material. Cork trees regenerate their bark every 9 - 12 years and can then be stripped again giving us more of this amazing material! Cork oak trees in Portugal alone take in an estimated 20 million tons of CO2 per year. They also provide the earth with an enormous amount of oxygen that we all require to live. Using cork does not harm any living creatures - it makes their lives better! Cork is not only a green, sustainable, and a eco-friendly product; it is extremely stylish. The look of cork is unmistakeable. The cork "leather" is silky soft, water resistant, and so light you barely notice that you're carrying it around with you. We love cork and if you give our products a try we are sure that you will become a cork lover too! 


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