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Hey hey - It's a Giveaway!

It's no mistake that you're here. You're a winner! And we're going to show you how you can win some sweet prizes from us at corature. You may or may not know this but we are the people that are putting a cork in fashion. The leather industry is bit worried that more and more people may start using this renewable resource. "We sure hope that cork thing doesn't catch on.." Is what they're probably thinking to themselves..

but it's too late!

It's happening


Sorry, leather. We've gone global and to expand our reach even further we're giving back!

 We're giving away our newest release - the corature cork accordian wallet, Athena and our hugely popular minimalist wallet. We're giving these away to 2 People! We're also giving away a $50 Gift Card to the overall points winner. We have prizes for everyone that participates in the contest as well. Keyword being participates.

So here's how you can become a part of this movement and claim your cork. Simply enter your email below and we will create your unique referral link that can assign points and track scoring.

giveaway image


Done? Ok, great!

Next - see the link above the copy button? That's yours! When anyone in the world decides to click on it, it awards you points. It's like gold, but more fun and less shiny. This little link can work for you 24 hours a day - scoring you those precious points!

Okay, we got our link now - and we don't want to lose it! Click the copy button and paste it into a safe place. Don't have time for all that? - Here's another way to make sure that you don't lose the link. Look up.. do you see the facebook button?  

Click it!

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Once our contest is shared you will automatically be awarded 2 points.. 2 very easy points. You know what else is easy? Asking your amazing friends and followers if they will visit the link or to participate themselves in this free to join raffle! Any link clicks that you receive will net you 1 point, and you will receive 3 points any time someone takes part in our giveaway.

3 thumbs up


That is one very simple way to start. You'll probably get 10-25 or more points from a facebook share alone..and you only need..

  • Earn 10 points and receive a $5 Gift Card
  • Earn 25 points to receive a $10 Gift card

Easy-peasy! Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest they all award you with a point per share and the same for clicks and signups. Epic

Edit: We've raised Linkedin shares to 2 points!

Contest Bonus: Become the overall points earner at the end of the contest - $50 Gift Card!


Those are a few of the easy options to earn points. Think outside of the box and I'm sure that you can think of more ways to get eyes on your link and cork in your pocket!



"Corature! Tell us how this contest works? Do you pick the winner yourselves"

No, it's all taken care of automatically. We have no input into who gets selected. Have 100% certainty that your chances of winning are the same as everyone else. Entries open worldwide

So here's the deal - the more points that you earn the greater the likelihood of you winning - but it is not guaranteed. It is a raffle - the more entries you have the higher the odds that our robot will land on your name. If you've only managed a few points you still have a chance to win.

The two lucky winners will receive the cork accordian wallet (Athena) and our Cork Minimalist wallet

cork accordian wallet


cork minimalist wallet


cork is love


Thousands of people around the world carry our minmalist wallet and they often tell us how many compliments they receive daily. Its been a mainstay in our corature collection since the very beginning and we're thrilled whenever someone tells us how much they like it and how well its held up over the years..so here's a tip... If you earn just 25 points you can steal it from us for only $4.99! Are we insane!?..Yes, Insanely happy that you're spreading the word on cork! Make sure you grab yours fast before we run out of stock..we cannot produce 10,000 overnight.


Contest ends 20 August 2017 


 Good luck!

-Team corature


p.s Here's a few of our products that you can purchase with the gift card that you're about to earn ;)