Our Story

Founded in 2015 by a U.S Navy Veteran we aim to change consumer behaviour and steer people towards cork as a viable material in fashion.

We first got drawn to cork when I wanted to replace my leather watch strap with something else. After browsing numerous watch forums I came across someone wearing a strap made out of cork. I absolutely had to have it!

A few weeks later it arrived and when I put the strap around my wrist I realized that I needed more cork in my life. I needed a cork wallet!

The more I researched cork the more I fell in love. Most material harms the environment, using cork is actually a net positive. I found out that the myth of a cork shortage is a complete lie and that when you extract cork it not only grows back but the trees take in 3-5x more CO2.  I had to get the product and the information out into the world.

After digging around the internet I found that their was already a company selling wallets but the prices were absurd. How can we spread the use of cork if people have to pay $70 for a bifold wallet? You can't.

We took it upon ourselves to make cork a popular material by providing high quality items at fair prices. We want to spread its use, not gouge customers and make $50 per sale.

corature was born and we've been working hard to spread our products and cork ever since.


If you would like to say hello or you have any questions drop us an email at info@corature.com

All the best,

Team corature