Vegan Handbags and Wallets: How we make a statement

Carrying around the skin of a dead animal is just plain weird to us. At corature we do not think it is necessary to use leather nor is it appropriate. Vegan fashion has come a long way over the years and we want to continue to push it forward with more "alternative" materials.

Enter Cork: Our favorite material for vegan wallets, purses, and handbags

vegan purses

Most vegan fashion accessories are made up entirely of plastics aka faux leathers. Although this may be a viable alternative to using leathers it isn't necessarily a great replacement. We do not want to simply avoid leather with a look-alike material. We want to spur demand for an important material and create a conversation for good. We want to change fashion.  Fashion is a statement - What are you trying to say?

We <3 cork (and so do the animals)

cork heart

One of our founders was first introduced to the cork material (as more than just a wine stopper) when he spotted someone wearing a cork watch strap. "fascinating"  he thought - what else can I buy that is made out of cork? Sadly, the market was completely lacking in decently priced and attractive goods. Did nobody else find this material as interesting as he did? Were the current cork products on the market priced too high to get people to use this awesome material? He had to find out. He needed a cork wallet!

The Vegan Leather that could 

After intense research on cork (the material) and the cork forests a new company began to take formation in the back of his head. Why was nobody actively promoting the use of cork? The forests need demand to survive. This could be just the thing to get people talking

      Watch the above video to see how cork is harvested and to learn about the 3 unique angles that make cork unlike anything else


Cork is not only vegan and sustainable but the forests benefit from it's use. Why aren't more people aware of this amazing material? Why is everyone being told that cork is endangered and it is why wine companies are now using plastic stoppers? The complete opposite of what most people are being told is true. "This is a message that needs to be shared" he thought.

The cork oak trees not only regenerate their bark after it is stripped but a cork tree that has had it's bark removed takes in 300-500% more CO2 than a unstripped tree. Using cork, unlike other leather alternatives (or plastic wine stoppers) comes with an environmental benefit it is not simply a replacement. Demand for this material helps protect the cork oak forests, the animals that reside in them, and ensures that the cork farmers can sustain their livelihood from this unique tree instead of planting environmentally damaging crops - or worse, cattle grazing.

Without demand the area may turn into a desert

The area is under threat from the desertification that is slowly making it's way in from North Africa. The cork oaks act as shield to this desertification. They provide the land with the nutrients required to sustain itself and also act as a barrier to forest fire. The cork oak's bark is fire resistant and doesn't catch fire like other trees do. These unique features that are inherent to the cork oak has allowed and extremely biodiverse area to spawn, one of the most biodiverse in the world. In fact, it is second only to the amazonian rainforests in biodiversity. 


cork oak forests


We make cruelty free vegan wallets and bags out of cork. We'd like to think that our unique wallets and bags can help drive the conversation and get people to realize that using cork can not only be fashionable but also a cause for good. We hope this message spills over to the wine industry and consumers begin to demand  the use of cork in their bottles once again. It doesn't have to stop there. Cork flooring, cork shoes, even NASA uses cork in it's spacecraft for it's amazing lightweight and heat resistant properties. There's a variety of ways to start using this amazing and important material. Our products grab attention (and compliments) and shine light on this message. 

This is our fashion statement. Let's talk


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