Our Top 10 Wine Cork Crafts for a Memorable Wedding

What wedding would be complete without a little bit of wine or champagne? The sight, the sound of "popping bottles", and the taste all add to this very special day..not to mention the dance floor!

Here at corature we want to help make your wedding extra special by introducing you to some wine cork craft ideas that will get your guests talking and leave an extra special thought in their memory bank.

Wine cork crafts can be very simple to make, attractive, and best of all - fun!

Here's our top 10 wine cork wedding crafts in no particular order

1.) Wine cork place card holders

wine cork placeholder for weddings

Photo by Sally Wilson Shops


2.) Wine Corks for Your Guest Book

                                            Photo by Littlemomentsbigmoments


3.) Some Beautiful Cork Head Table Decor

                                                   Photo by UnitedwithLove


4.) Cork Wedding Ring Holders

                                        Photo by Oh_Lovely_Day on pinterest


5.) Cork "Love" sign by the bar..or anywhere for that matter

                                                  Photo by katyanovablog.com


6.) Cork Table Center Piece and Number Holder


                                                Photo by www.weddingbee.com

7.) Cork Boutonnieres


8.) Cork Keepsake Frame


9.) Hanging Cork Heart


10.) Bride and Groom Cupcake or Cake Topping


There you have it. Our top 10 best ways to spruce up your wedding and create a memorable event using cork. Cheap, simple, and tons of fun. Leave a lasting memory with your friends and family by adding cheap, eco-friendly, cork to the occasion


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