Nike Jumps on the Cork Trend with their Cork Tennis Pack

When a powerhouse like Nike gives a nod to cork people tend to take notice. Cork is going mainstream and it's hard to deny it's bright future at this point. Abercrombie is overhauling their retail stores with cork and vegan leather and now we have this new release from Nike.

Cork is definitely "on trend" in fashion these days.

It would be great to see Nike offer alternatives to leather in this "cork pack" but as a small company that strictly sells cork fashion accessories it's nice to see a company the size of Nike take notice and give the material the nod of approval.

Imagery below by Billy's Tokyo.


Nike Cork Pack

Nike cork black

Nike cork tennis black

Nike black and white cork shoes

White cork shoes by nike

Nike tennis cork pack

Nike cork shoes

Cork shoes by nike



If you would be interested in a leather free cork sneaker leave a comment below!

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