Modalyst + Corature - Featured in Front of 21,000 Retailers

Corature is proud to anounce that we've been featured on Modalyst!



It all started a couple of weeks ago.We received an email from a gentleman who was looking for ways to dropship our products. In the past we did not allow websites to dropship corature products - we only sold wholesale to brick and mortar retail outlets.

The email we received changed that..

It came in from a 79 year old military veteran who was tired of working with his hands. He's proudly done it all his life but did not want to do it into his 80's. He wanted to start selling online. As a Veteran owned business we couldn't say no to this and we wanted to support him in anyway that we could.

It turns out that we had an awful lot in common but you'll have to email us if you want the whole story.

So we took to the Internet

how does drop shipping work

We came across Modalyst they are a platform that connects suppliers and stores that dropship products. It was just what we were after. Shortly after signing up Lillian the account manager at Modalyst sent us an email asking how we came across the dropshipping website. We told her the story of our new friend and how we wanted to help him out. She loved it, and she loved our cork fashion accessories.

She loved it so much that she featured us on the home page

We've quickly been added to online shops all around the world and we look forward to supporting their customers and sending them out products. A win-win relationship that helps us grow.

So now corature dropships products for inviduals and companies that would like to share our products online.

If you're interested in selling corature products in your store please get in touch with us at so we can make that happen!

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