23 Amazing DIY Wine Cork Crafts

When it comes to DIY crafts there's no better material in the world than wine corks. Always a crowd pleaser and a very easy way to bring a touch of nature right into your home. They're extremely versatile and beautiful.

Whether you have a stockpile of corks that you would like to put to use or you need to take a quick trip to local restuarant or bar to see if they have some that they ca donate - the process of acquiring corks can be nearly as fun as building cork crafts!

Let's take a look at these 23 ideas to help you get started today!


1.) Cork bulletin board

cork bulletin board

                            Photo by simplyem

Not only do corks look beautiful when framed upon your wall they're also super useful! They do make industrial cork boards out of cork afterall. Great for sticking notes, photos, or funny wien quotes. (Here's some great quotes)


2.) Cork Plant Markers


                                 Photo by thriftyfun

A great way to keep your herbs in order these wine cork planters bring some flavor to your garden. So simple, so worth it


3.) Cork Bath Mat

cork bath mat


How cool is this? Soft on your feet, keeps the floor dry, and brings a super unique look into your bathroom. Find the full instructions at the video below.


4.) Wine Cork Table Top

wine cork table

This table here takes quite a few corks but it's so worth it. Turn a standard glass table top and turn it into a work of art. Your neighbors will be a bit jealous with this one :)


5.) Wine Cork Kitchen Backsplash


cork home decor

                                 Photo by George's Kitchen


A brilliant way to bring cork into your kitchen. Upcycle in style and renovate your kitchen with cork decor.


6.)  Cork Bird House

bird house made from cork

                                     Photo by Pinterest

 Keep the birds happy and living in style with this cork bird house :)


7.) Cork Flower Vase and Wine Bucket


cork flower vase


Upcycle your corks into a one of a kind flower vase or make a fancy new cork wine bucket.


8.) Cork Memo Strip


                                     Courtesy of May Days


Simple to make and it can be completed with as little as 8-10 corks. Add a touch of functional style to your wall with this cork memo strip.


9.) Cork Air Plant Planters

Cork planters


Here's a wonderful idea that doesn't require very many corks, 2 - 4 will suffice. Cut out a hole, drop in an air plant and simply add a magnet. 

air plants and cork

Here's a bonus article on how to care for your air plants http://www.whatsurhomestory.com/how-to-care-for-air-plants/


10.) Cork Candle Holders


                         Photo credit two-twentyone

 Enjoy the ambient glow of this candle and cork combo. Take a sizeable glass container and insert a drinking glass. If there's room to insert corks you're good to go. Drop in your corks, insert a candle into the glass, light it, enjoy!


11.) Cork Wall Art

wall art

                                   Photo credit Reusero


Liven up your living space with some cork wall art. Here's an example of an eye-catching wine pouring scene but feel free to get creative!


12.) Make "word signs" out of cork.


love sign


                                            Love is just 80 wine corks away :)


bar sign

                            Credit budget decorator

These signs can be done free hand or use a stencil to make it a bit easier


13.) DIY Wine Cork Trivets


Wine cork trivet


cork hot plate


A great addition to your kitchen. For instructions visit EHOW


14.) Cork headphone holder

Cork headphone holder

headphone wrap

         Image credit Lifehacker: Turn a cork into an earbud holder

  It's probably the easiest DIY cork craft project on our list and the one that takes the least amount of corks. Cut a slit on both sides of the cork with a knife or alternatively you can drill a hole for the jack side of your headphones.


15.) Cork sailboats for kids (or adults)

cork sail boats

Now these look like fun. You can find the full instructions over at www.mamapapabubba.com


16.) Wine Cork Hearts


Wine cork hearts


A beautiful wine cork heart by Decor by the Seashore with detailed instructions on how to do it yourself. Alternatively we can keep with the cork heart theme and make this beautiful hanging cork heart in a frame. A little cork art work does wonders for the household!  

cork heart art


17.) Show your State or Country some cork love and turn them into art.

California wine corks


NY cork art

wine cork craft america map


18.) Use corks to hold your phone while your hands are occupied

   Idea and image credit go to HomeTalk


19.) A Pen and Pencil Holder


Cork crafts pen and pencil holder

20.) A Wine Cork Flash Drive


Wine cork craft flash drive


USB Flash drives have gottne awfully small lately and I don't know about you but I've lost quite a few. The wine cork flash drive gives us a nice size and unique looks. The look on peoples faces when people see a cork plugged into a computer is worth the effort alone!


21.) Drawer Knobs


Dollar Store Crafts


22.) Tiki Heads

Tiki Room

If you have carving skills, or would like to test yourself cork tiki heads can look absolutely amazing. Turn them into magnets or a stamp


23.) Cork Characters


Credit: Lia Griffith


Credit Belladia


We hope that you liked our cork craft roundup. Tell us which one that you would like to make in the comments below and be sure to visit us at www.corature.com

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