High Quality Vegan Wallets and Purses for the Modern Day

It's no secret that nearly everyone carries a wallet or bag with them throughout the day. Wallets and purses allow men and women to keep necessities such as cash, credit and debit cards, and other documentation such as their identification card on them at all times. They make our life more convenient but can also come with a cost greater than monetary value alone. Previously, wallets and purses used to be pretty big and clunky, which made it a little bit difficult for people to carry them around without discomfort. We went ahead and removed the bulk and the excess weight of these items by using a lightweight tree bark.

Most importantly, bags, purses, and wallets are usually made out of leather, typically drawn from the skins of sheep, cows, snakes, or crocodiles. This leads to the killing of animals by private fashion companies and profit driven opportuinists.Ask yourself, is it really necessary to kill an innocent animal, just so that you can have a wallet or a bag made out of its skin?

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Thankfully, awareness is on the rise, and organizations have begun to clamp down on the skin trade as it is. While there is still a long way to go, each person can play their role by boycotting such products and instead opting to purchase products that are made without cruelty.  




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Corature is a unique brand that offers high-quality wallets, bags, and purses made out of cork. Many people, especially those who follow a vegetarian / vegan diet and lifestyle, are strictly against deforestation and the killing of animals just to make products that they can use - thankfully this thought process is catching on. Cattle grazing is one of if not the most environmentally damaging activities to take place on this planet - with no end in site. Cork fashion accessories are more than just an anti-leather, they have unique benefits in and of themselves!


Use cork and not leather


At first glance, a wallet made out of wood might seem weird to most people. It is difficult to imagine something as flexible as a wallet or a purse being made out of wood. Secondly, some people also have issues about the origins of the wood; they don’t want bags made out of trees that were once homes for birds and served as a natural habitat for different animals.


Why Use Cork?


You can’t compare cork with other types of woods; it is incredibly durable and lightweight, and most importantly, it grows back once extracted and keeps the forests healthy. Once cork has been extracted from the tree, it begins to regenerate itself within a few days. This means that the environment isn’t harshly affected, and you don’t have to worry about the effects of deforestation either. It is the only wood in the world that is able to grow back in this manner.

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As a result, cork is the most eco-friendly wood harvesting on the planet and one of if not the most ecofriendly materials on the planet.  For people who are interested in buying vegan purses, Corature also offers a wide range of options and product varieties. There are also quite a lot of benefits to the environment while the cork wood is growing back. For instance, stripped trees use around 300-500% more CO2 as compared to unstripped trees, which means that the more cork is used, the better it will be for everyone.

Increased levels of CO2 are obviously harmful for the health of humans and all animals. Cork oak trees help clean up the atmosphere and enables better air quality. It is estimated that every year the cork oak forests retain up to 14 million tons of CO2. As a result, people who are looking to buy vegan purses should definitely consider purchasing those made out of cork, rather than other kinds of material.


cork tree co2


Corature aims to revolutionize the fashion landscape by offering top-of-the-line bags and purses that are made from sustainable cork. We also have a pretty aggressive pricing structure, which means that you won’t have to pay over-the-top prices for any of the products we offer. We are also in the process of introducing a whole new range of fashion accessories that are made from cork so that we make a lasting impact on the fashion industry while spreading awareness and contributing to other organizations that are against deforestation too!

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