Corature + Loveland Farm Sanctuary | Supporting a Great Cause

When Loveland Farm Sactuary reached out to us the other day we were impressed with what they're trying to pull off and we were thrilled to lend them a helping hand.

Loveland Farm Sanctuary is opening the first farm sactuary in Orange, County California. They want to provide shelter and care for abused and neglected farm animals in Southern California (The world if they could!). They would like to offer a hands-on, interactive learning experience to the community which will surely do a lot of good.We support this mission and gladly sent them some of our cork products to help them raise funds.

Loveland Farm Sactuary will be holding their inagural event and silent auction to raise funds on April 2nd.  If you're in Southern California or simply someone who wants to help them on their missions visit and get in touch with them to find out more.

Here's to a better future,

Team corature


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