Boost the Appeal of Your Wine Tasting Room or Cellar Door

Because of the increasing international appeal of wine tasting, wineries are now placing an emphasis on selling their wines and related accessories in their tasting rooms. In addition, successful wineries are directing their marketing and sales efforts toward wine tourists that seek out these rooms.

User and Wine-taster Friendly

To attract customers to your own winery, you first need to build a prevailing influence online. This means investing in a website platform that is both user and wine-taster friendly. Therefore, a site should be search optimized, responsive, and simple to navigate.

Thankfully, your site does not need to be pricey in order to draw customers. You can choose from a number of site designs that are easy to build on right out of the box. Including a wine club on your site that features an area for club members can help build a fan base around your room and assist in retaining customers as well.

When your site is up and running, you will also want to make use of social media.


social media for wine tasting rooms


Engage customer interest by posting tips on wine tasting and featuring your tasting room online. Using social media enables you to introduce potential patrons to your facility as well as feature feedback from existing customers. Work with the tourism bodies in your locale as well to showcase your site and its offerings.

Some Ways to Enhance the Appeal of Your Business

Once you get the attention of potential customers, you want to impress them with your facility’s offerings. Therefore, you need to make your wine tasting room stand out among your competitors. For example, you might think about featuring chocolates along with your wines – quality candies that can be paired with certain vintages. Also, the addition of a trattoria may be considered too – one where guests can enjoy food and wine indoors or outdoors at your site.

You might also think about featuring sensory seminars. You can use these educational programs to highlight and make comparisons between various wines. Make sure that wine tasters can select between private tastings and wine pairings too. On your menu of events, you might also include strolls through the vineyard and winery or explorations of various wines and cuisines. Naturally these latter-mentioned activities should be booked in advance.

Make sure that your tasting room is as diverse as it is inviting. In order to achieve this effect, decorate the room so that it offers a number of tasting bars. Provide wine club members with their own private tasting venue as well.

Sell Wine-related Fashion Accessories

wine tasting room accessories

To make your tasting room stand out, you will also want to feature related accessories along with your top-of-the-line and popular wines. Therefore, you want these products to relate to your wine business’s theme and be unique.

For example, why not think about featuring cork wallets and bags for sale? Yes, you heard right. Offer bags and wallets that are actually made from cork material. Not only will this make your business stand out, it will also gain special notice from your customers.


wine tasting room gifts


Some of the Product Offerings

Products of this type are available in clutches, wallets, and totes for both women and men. Wallets also come in various designs, including minimalist fashions and bifold looks.

The addition of cork wallets, totes, and bags will definitely make your cellar door and wine-making facility a memorable place. Not only is cork cruelty-free and eco-friendly, it is also a durable material – one that will remind visitors where they bought this wine-related accessory. These unique fashions are available through Corature – a brand that should be included on a cellar door’s contact list.

When you look into adding this type of product to your store or wine tasting room you will find that it will draw your customer’s interest as much as your vintages regularly inspire a purchase. So, include a tote made of cork among the wines and items you sell so customers will have a bag in which to transport their selections of wine.

Cork bags, totes, and wallets are available at a price point that is exceptionally enticing to retailers, too. Plus, this type of product brings a uniqueness to your facility. Besides your wines, cork bags, totes, and wallets are ideal gifts, whether the recipient even likes wine or not. All in all, you will experience great profit margins that will set you apart from other retailers in your industry.

Word-of-mouth Advertising

word of mouth marketing

In addition, cork accessories are easy conversation-starters. For example, people cannot help but ask where a cork tote or wallet was purchased. So, this is the ideal way to spread news about the products through word-of-mouth.

So, besides offering programs of interest and your fine selection of vintages, you can also include a product that is as affordable as it is interesting – something that is uniquely related to the wine business and marketplace.

What’s more, these types of business-enhancing accessories are backed by a two-year money-back guarantee. However, these kinds of products normally last much longer than the two-year period. What makes cork eco-friendly—whether it is used as a stopper for a wine bottle or in another product—is the fact that when the bark is stripped from the tree it grows back. Therefore, no trees are cut down during the manufacturing process.

Whilst the cork is growing back, the tree takes in approximately 400% more CO2 as well. So, not only is the product good for wine sales, it is also good for the environment. Needless to say, selling cork fashion products are an ideal way to make your tasting site the place to visit for both fine wines and stylish wine-related accessories.

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