An Inside Look at the Cork Extraction Process

We came across a fantastic video that gives you an inside look at the cork oak harvesting process. It's a unique and rare industry where economics are inline with the environment.


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“But you’re also looking at something that I believe is more important than that. Something that goes much deeper. A situation where the environmental issues, the social issues, and the economic issues are in good balance. It all starts with harvesting the cork itself.

Cork is the great example of that balance. Where all those 3 angles are living in harmony and all 3 of those angles exist. For a long time we were told that if you wanted to have environmental development you would have to sacrifice economic development and if we wanted economic development we would have to sacrifice environmental development. It is not true. And the cork forests, and the cork industry, and the cork products make that unique balance happen. And it is absolutely fundamental that we can maintain that. The world would not be a better place without this balance; the world would be a different place. We have been using cork since the Romans and the trees, the oaks, they’re still here and I think that’s the best testament you can have to that sustainability.”


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