Why Cork? Here's a Few of it's Many Benefits

Cork: It's not just for Wine Stoppers


Where does cork come from?

Cork comes from the Quercus Suber (cork oak) tree of Southwest Europe and Northwest Africa. The majority or it and where we source our cork is from the farms of Portugal. Roughly 80% of cork comes from Portugal and it's an extremely important part of their ecosystem.

cork oak


Won't using cork harm the forests?

No, the opposite is actually true. Using cork creates demand for these forests to exist. Their existence not only keeps the land from turning into a desert, it creates a home for thousands of different animal species.

Stripping the cork oaks of their extremely useful bark does not harm the trees in anyway. In fact, once the trees are stripped the begin to take in 300-500% more CO2 than un-stripped trees. This is one incredible side effect of using cork. The cork oak forests are a vital part of our ecosystem and they help clean the air that we and all living creatures breath.

The cork oaks regenerate their bark every 9 - 12 years and can thus be stripped again. It's a truly eco friendly material. The cork bark is 100% put to use. The remains from the cork wine industry are used for flooring, companies such as ours(corature) to mold into fashion accessories, and even NASA uses cork in it's spaceships! NASA uses cork to protect it's fuel tanks from extreme heat when exiting and entering the atmosphere, not only is it used to protect fuel tanks but it's also used as fuel itself. You read that right..the cork industry is so efficient that it's waste is used as fuel to power the cork producing factories.

Useful Benefits of Cork

  1. It's fire resistant 
  2. Buoyant - our products actually float!
  3. Anti-static
  4. Anti-Microbial - Germs won't attach themselves to cork
  5. Renewable - Cork regenerates itself causing no harm to the environment
  6. Vegan - Animals aren't harmed in the making of our products
  7. Lightweight - Cork is extremely lightweight which makes it ideal for items you carry around with you
  8. Durable - Cork will not crack over time allowing you to enjoy it for years!


I hope this information helps you understand some of the key benefits and properties of using cork. corature's mission is to spread the use of cork in fashion and accessories to help spread the use of this amazing and environmentally important material.



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